How to become a successful marketer in the new digital world


The Internet has given everyone the opportunity to become all what they’ve dreamed of, but it also has raised competition to new maximums. Nowadays, industries have transitioned to the era of information and have become more powerful.

How can we then, become successful in what we do?

In this case, we will explain how the marketing business has evolved in the digital world, and how you can adapt yourself to the upcoming challenges.

Digitalization is affecting every industry

Customers have access to unlimited amounts of information over the Internet, which they can use to make purchase decisions. Constant communication around the world that reaches every inch of this planet. Be sure, that your customers speak well of your business.

Most companies had to adapt to the digital world, experiencing what is called as a: ” Digital Transformation ”. This means, companies have re-oriented their businesses models to fit the digital age. It’s a great way of reaching more touchpoints and increasing their operational success.

On average, each client buying a product or service comes into contact with 17 touchpoints

Any company needs a solid marketing strategy, organization and process oriented towards the digitalization of consumers. Therefore, the brand service is optimally designed through every phase of the information and purchasing process.

Quality content over quantity

When the Internet first was around, it was not hard to position your page at the top, even if the content wasn’t the best. However, nowadays you can’t afford a single content error on your sites, as they will damage profoundly the reputation of your business.

With so much content out there, the only way to get noticed, is having the best content. It is vital to make your media look visual, and include images and videos to make your site more eye-catching. Thus, people will spend more time on your profile or website.

See the customer journey to understand better;


Prioritize your existing customers

Most marketers and entrepreneurs are always trying to get new customers abroad, which isn’t a bad idea at all. However, you want to make first sure that every single customer you got is being taken care of. It is a common mistake to make a sale and immediately start the process again. You need to have solid processes, from beginning to end, that fit customers needs or wants and even surpasses them.

In order to be successful, be sure to deliver an outstanding service performance and customer experience. Be sure your post-purchase processes are working well and only then, focus on scaling your customer base.

Win new consumers with the correct touchpoints

Now that you’re ready to scale the reaches of your organization, you need to take better decisions. You can only be smarter and take better decisions from your past experience, that is, trial and error.

This is important to understand, because we won’t be able to find the right touchpoints if we skip this step, of trying and failing. So, that is what you ultimately should do and based on your results, increase your exposure with the right touchpoints.

Data analysis & market research

Data is a very useful information towards directing the business into the correct path. Market research is fundamental to understand your market, your competitors and your customers behavior prior making a purchase.

In a digital world ( multichannel world ), it is vital to assess combinations of touchpoints. Total audience measurement is required to control or influence some business variables; marketing, sales, communications and service.

Analyzing an isolated lead won’t get you far, but don’t overcomplicate things too much. With too much information available, it is the most simple processed and presented which finally arrives to the end target. Remember to KISS ( Keep it stupid simple ).


Other ways to become successful in the digital marketing world

First, always surround yourself of marketing industry experts. Gather information and knowledge, learn tricks and improve yourself or catch new trends. Simply by attending networking events in the branch, you will be able to meet a lot of marketing leaders and professionals.

On the other side, you can also study other companies, brands and entrepreneurs online. See what they’re doing on their websites and learn from them. See what works best for you and convert them into your own. Companies won’t tell you your secrets, but you can just use their services and experience them by your own.

In conclusion, always practice continuous learning. At the end, the only successful marketers there will be, are those who really enjoyed the process of learning it.

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